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Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers announce joint album, 'Hello There'

Japanese bands Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers started around the same time in the early 1990s. Takeshi by Boris strong> was heavily influenced by Coaltar of the Deepers, and followed each other with reverence. In fact, they collaborated for the first time on Boris's 2019 EP 'Tears', where Boris covered 'To The Beach' and Narasaki, vocalist and guitarist of Coaltar of the Deepers served as producer. Both groups have performed together in Japan on numerous occasions and ideas to collaborate on a split release have gradually materialized over the years, resulting in 'Hello There', which will be released on March 22, 2024 via Dog Knights Productions.

Both bands have a 30-year history of crossing genres with their unique methodologies. The concept of Hello There is “to present new recorded versions of past songs to today's listeners,” as well as “a new attempt to breathe new life into songs from the other band and cover each other's songs," says Boris. The end result is a joint album that highlights the two bands' stance on linking the past with the future and their shared aesthetic.

Coaltar of the Deepers no es muy conocido fuera de Japón, aunque ha tenido una profunda influencia en la música japonesa y la cultura del anime. Este álbum finalmente le dará a la banda la oportunidad de presentar su historia relativamente desconocida a personas fuera de su país de origen.

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