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Amaranthe releases video, 'The Catalyst'

Amaranthe have released the official video for 'The Catalyst', the song that gives its name to their new studio album which is available today via Nuclear Blast Records.

The video is the work of director Patric Ullaeus and you can watch it below.

The Catalyst is the most conceptually coherent work in the history of Amaranthe. Dedicated to notions of transformation and revelation, it dives deeper into these themes than any other album by the band, as Olof Mörck himself explains.

“We've done these things before, but never as theatrically as now. In fact, we questioned whether we went too far this time, but at the same time, I came to the conclusion that this band has always been like this. Literally, the first few seconds of our first video are a huge explosion! But yes, The Catalyst is more theatrical than anything that came before. We were never really into orchestral or symphonic before, but this time we thought why not? We can do it! The key to this album is that we let go of all the limits and decided to venture even further."

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