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Aenimus presents farewell single, 'Phoenix Rise'

The Californian death metal band, Aenimus, says goodbye to their fans with their latest single called 'Phoenix Rise'. After its release, the band has entered an indefinite hiatus that seems to be permanent.

You can listen to ‘Phoenix Rise’ below.

Seth Stone comments: “To my fans, my friends and family… with more than a decade of shared moments and infinite memories that will live forever in me, I have made the difficult decision to put Aenimus on an indefinite hiatus. Thank you all for the support and love during these years, making many of my dreams come true. Thank you to all the amazing musicians who played and wrote these magical songs with me. I would never have been able to do it without some of the most humble artists I have met and now consider my family.

Thank you to Nuclear Blast Records, Continental Touring and everyone within the music industry who guided Aenimus and gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. With this, I give you one last song, 'Phoenix Rise', a farewell to celebrate the moments we spent together, and a song to inspire hope to those who need it. Thank you to Brian Gosling (guitars/production), Cody Pulliam (drums) and John Flynn (bass) for sharing their amazing talents and writing ‘Phoenix Rise’ with me.”

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